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Server Hosting

Server hosting is something offsite management and upkeep of hardware resources that are designated for company’s use. Companies can use the benefits of having full IT infrastructure with just monthly fees to hosting services without worrying about the costs of equipment maintenance, training or updates.


Our cutting edge experience in web applications facilitates business, to match the speed & space of incredible changing technologies in digital world, to establish the collaboration with business stake holders across the globe.
Every business is unique & business first is our core principle in Solutioning the web applications. To maximize the business throughput, we discuss, discover, design, and develop best fit application (Static or Responsiveor Customized Web application).
Our Solutions are proven & Cost effective, as we prefer not re-invent things that already exist, we customize the available open sources for you to save on costs & time and ensure success
(Usability, Security, Reliability, Performance, Scalability, Interoperability)

Advantages of Server hosting

We build a platform where you can easily communicate with your customers. Our process of web portal development evaluates all the needs and objectives of online businesses.

  • Reliability

    Shared hosting and other services could be reliable but on a dedicated server, you do not have to share resources with other users. That means you have dedicated resources working exclusively to keep your websites up and running. This comes very handily when your traffic is spiking and other times when your site experiences maximum visitor volume. Reliability isn’t a concern with Devdut, at Devdut we back up your server with our 99.i% uptime commitment.

  • Performance

    Not sharing resources with any other user will show the difference and all your servers processing power keeps your website running in peak performance even in high traffic and that is an additional benefit of not sharing server.

  • Configuration

    Having server and having complete control over how your server is configured are two different things but with Visa-ecom you will get both the services. So you can install custom software packages, get access to your server logs, and configure specific server settings as per your requirement.

  • Security

    You never again have to be worried about other users or sites affecting your server space and website because you have a complete server for yourself. If you choose us for security then visa-ecom will provide complete security for your server and worry ourselves with the latest security updates and patches, you just enjoy your server space.

  • Scalability

    Having your dedicated server will not only enable you to plan for business and website growth but planning and achieving growth will be easier. You will have all the resources to scale up your business, resources like adding new software packages, ability to handle additional website traffic, processing more orders simultaneously, and keep up with the database growth.