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Bulk SMS Services

Marketing is right if you can approach large numbers of consumers in a single go; this is why Bulk SMS service is powerful tool. Businesses are using messaging technology to reach thousands of people with the help of great tool bulk SMS service messages, be it some small but important message or long message, the information will be sent to large number of target groups within an instant of the time with so much convenience too. Huge numbers of commercials are now enhancing their ROI by using Bulk SMS strategy.

There are Two types of Bulk SMS - Promotional Messages : Message containing promotional material or advertisement for a product or service. Transactional Messages : SMS integration available at every verification and informatic points like Member Joining, Forget Password, Pin Transfer, Bank Withdrawal Request, E-wallet Fund Transfer, Pin Generator etc.

Bulk SMS
  • The SMS tool is Very quick , cost effective , custom and with excellence. We are loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry.
  • Easy Interface : Use Panel to upload matter and excel sheet of numbers.
  • Multi Language Sending : Send SMS in any Indian regional language all across India.
  • Track able campaigns : 100% Transparent & Genuine Reports with Quick Delivery Summary Overview on the. Searchable & Detailed Delivery Reports to find the delivery status of a particular number.
  • Best-in-class delivery: Intelligent Queue Management System with Clustered Load Balancing to ensure maximum deliverability and speeds with our robust platform.
  • Multiple ways to send SMS : Send SMS via Transactional and Promotional Route based on your requirements DND Scrubbing : DND scrubbing tool in Panel Itself.

Features of Bulk SMS Service

  • Mobile operators:

    Messages can be sent to all Mobile operators in India Same charges applicable all over India.

  • Make Groups & Manage contacts:

    You can group contacts together & manage contacts accordingly.

  • Clear DLR Report

    100% accurate Clear and Live DLR Report provide to you as per your plan.

  • Easy control panel

    User friendly control panel, you can simply manage all the services and network products.

  • Fully web-based

    Build fully functional, offering access from almost any device or browser.

  • API Available

    You can buy the API to automate your work.

Why Choose Us?

  • Visa E-com is an emerging and reliable bulk SMS service provider in Pune. Visa E-com offers various SMS services like Transactional Bulk SMS, Promotional Bulk SMS, voice SMS to promote your business.
  • Many organizations are using our SMS gateway and they are 100% satisfied.